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Prefer to work with professional traders and brokers? Our team member have over 30 years in the business who can provide you with a network of liquidity through OTC trading desks and exchanges. Whether you’re looking to trade 0.1 or 1000 BTC give us a call or schedule an appointment to come by our office.
Truth About Bitcoin ATMs
“I can see at first glance that this isn’t going to be a cheap experiment. Bitcoin is listed at almost $1000 more than the market rate for a price of $6818.36 USD. For those who don’t want to do the math, that’s about a 17% markup – a not so small cost for convenience”. – Steven Buchko (Executive Editor at CoinCentral)
While Bitcoin ATM fees are as high as 17%, our fees are as low as 5% depending on the size of the trade.
Need Working Capital?
Convert Your ETH for USD.
Crypto exchanges manage small trades. Selling large amounts of ETH directly on an exchange can significantly drop its price.

To ensure price stability, we trade OTC worldwide.

Consult with our brokers to sell your ETH at one fixed price.

“For players in the $250,000-and-up arena, OTC markets are the preferred option. OTC providers can take the form of institutions, private traders, or brokers. Their primary job is to provide a layer of insulation and security during the buy, so that the parties involved aren’t buffeted by the wild market at large while the transaction is taking place.
“Imagine a waiter steadying a table in the galley of a rolling ship while the two players dine. That’s the role of an OTC provider”. – Oliver Dale – Editor-in-Chief of Blockonomi

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