Seoul, Mar 12, 2019 – Bitcoin miners are very motivated to use the best mining machines that use the lowest amount of energy possible for as many hashes as possible to maximize their profits. NextPowerGen Co. Ltd.’s new NT3 ASIC Mining Machine is making a challenge to industry leader Bitmain in this area and will now have South Korea blockchain and cryptocurrency experts at SKBC Co. Ltd. handling the important role of investor relations for their company. The South Korean-based SKBC celebrated this opportunity to work with NexPowerGen who, they are confident, will capture a major share of the Bitcoin mining market space with the NT3 ASIC Mining Machine. The development of NT3 is supported by the Samsung Foundry, which is sure to attract major attention.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with NextPowerGen. These are seasoned top tier engineers led by CEO Houn Soo Kim, a former Executive Vice President at the Samsung Computer Division,” commented Andrew Lim, President of SKBC Co. Ltd. “This is the same team that developed high-end performance servers for Intel, EMC, and SUN Microsystems during their tenure at Samsung Electronics”.

Lim continued with enthusiasm, “At this time Bitmain remains the biggest mining manufacturer; however, working closely and with full support from the Samsung Foundry, NextPowerGen is looking to become the single major contender in the multi-billion dollar industry.”

SKBC Co. Ltd. is now the direct source for NexPowerGen investor relations transactions worldwide. The company has a long history working in all aspects of investor relations space. Recognizing that the blockchain is the future, SKBC decided to focus strictly on Initial Coin Offerings and cryptocurrency related clients.

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SKBC Co. Ltd. is a South Korean registered consulting company providing investor relations services around the globe. With over 30 years’ experience, the team at SKBC is recognized as one of the top investor relations professionals in the industry.

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