Experienced Broker Dealers
Since the beginning of the US OTC Stock Market, our team members have been funding corporations through Initial Public Offerings, Reverse Mergers and Reg. D  Private Placements. For almost 30 years, creating value for our clients has always been our focus. Through creative promotions and market support, we have been recognized as one of the top investor relations professionals in the industry.

We began our journey from US equity to the cryptocurrency market by looking at various blockchain-related stock analysis in mid 2017. Later that year, we decided to focus our efforts on ICO crowdfunding as well as providing crypto-solutions for our institutional investors. We do our own due diligence with expert analysis. We are fully dedicated in minimizing risks and maximizing ROI for our investors.
Liquidity Solution
We provide liquidity for our clients through our network of OTC trading desks and multiple exchanges.  Contact us today for the capital you need for your business. 
OTC Escrow Services
SKBC provides secure and timely transactions by trusted third party escrows.  Minimum trades of USD$100,000.00 is required.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing
We support crypto-exchanges in listing new coins. Our experienced team can assist in structuring your listing and help create trading volume with market making strategies.
Accredited Investors
We work with top projects in blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Connect with us and we will send you our best due diligence on some of the most anticipated projects in the world and create strategies for the highest possible return on your investment.

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